being travelling homesteaders is not always the easiest of tasks. after all, inherent in home steading is taking a stand in a place, calling a place home, making home… nevertheless, as travelling homesteaders, we do our best to make home as we go, on the move, wherever we find ourselves.

with the new year, we´ve found amazing opportunities for big decision-making. this calls me especially to ground, to go within for guidance with an ear intent on listening to the movements of spirit. the call comes in many different ways these days, yet there is always a source of guidance which speaks clearly and relaxes the urgent need to know or move now.

this is the heart, and this is the source of what enables us to be travelling homesteaders. for truly, the heart is our home, and in this we are able to make home everywhere we find ourselves.

one practice we love and are called to we like to call the heart council. we both learned this at a training at OUR ecovillage in BC Canada by a woman from the Ojai Foundation in California. we were blessed to be initiated into this by a skilled and experienced facilitator and practice the techniques in the circle of intentional community at the ecovillage. we like to set intention, just the two of us, in these times and see what magic transpires.

this is actually where the name of the website comes from, rainbow bridge to the heart…. 

in these times of big decision-making, we are calling ourselves to heart council. for us, this means creating an altar, lighting a candle with intentions based on what is coming up for us. we usually like to call in the four directions, our ancestors, and then speak of whatever is on our hearts. we hold a talking piece which returns to the center altar after one´s turn is finished. while one person is talking, the others are paying attention in silence. one is meant to speak from the heart in the heart council and to keep the message concise.

in this way, we have found that magic transpires. 

there is something inherently magical in this alchemical combination of intention, space setting, calling in of ancestors, and taking turns speaking from the heart. magical personal truths come through, which touch on universal issues. passion. feelings. long-hidden thoughts. it is such a powerful modality for healing, change and growth.

we´ve seen the intimacy we share explode after these heart circles because they give us a chance to see one another without interruption. they give us a chance to truly hear the other without interference. and in this, too, the speaker has space to prod the heart.

and there is magic in this; when others are present for the heart speach of one. 

we find that the rainbow bridge to the heart is a fitting name for us, for it is to this that we are called. love ourselves, love each other and honor the earth, honor pachamama. heart council provides a rainbow (full light spectrum) bridge to contact the deepest truths of the heart. for this we are very grateful.

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