The universe wants to live through me and create magic previously unimaginable? okay!!

Some amazing offers are being sent our way as we travel throughout Peru. First, Ini was working with a local weaver in Pisaq, learning traditional textile techniques (some stretching back 3000 years!). One day I visited for lunch and brought out the iPhone, which the weaver showed great interest in. Maybe you would be interested in a trueque (pronounced trek-eh, a trade)? He asked and brought out a large textile with a vibrant condor (the same typified at Nasca) in the middle, their traditional animal symbol for the heavens and Spirit. We weren’t interested in the condor, per say, but it got us thinking, and yesterday we spent the whole day sketching a vision of what we would like to create in the world and have the weaver weave- Ini and Wren’s future homesteading cosmovision. We are going to trade the phone, plus some dinero, for this. It will take Raul, the weaver, and his cousin, the embroiderer, ~25 days to complete the textile and we imagine the textile can be a meaningful family heirloom for generations.

It includes a tree stretching roots down into the ground with a double helix DNA running up the center connecing a heart in the branches with a trinity of circles including the Andean cosmovision (a condor – spirit world, puma – earthly plane, and serpent – underworld, three coca leaves, and a pachamama spiral), a sun and moon above this joined by a rainbow, stars, Ini and I smiling with a sheep, our house, fields, papas, holy basil, mushrooms, and worms (earth angels transforming compost into rich rich soil!). We are so excited and grateful for this – and we most likely wouldn’t have thought this big if Raul hadn’t suggested the trade.

The next amazing opportunity came this morning after our ride to the jungle fell through at the last minute. A man at our hostel, a humble painter, asked me if when I return to Peru I could bring him some sleeping bags and other camping supplies as they are very expensive to obtain here. He said he could trade us some of his art (which he later showed us, and it is beautiful and unique!) or conseguir some other things we wanted. I told him stones like serpentine and chrysacola are very important for us and we want to bring them back to our country because they carry very strong pachamama energies and this is the reunion our country needs right now. He said, yes, he can get these for us. So Ini and I may trade our camping gear (which is very easy for us to get in the states, used and for a good deal), for things which are easy to obtain here. As Ini put it, paintings and stones to this man are like nettles for a wildcrafter- meaning, there is such an abundance! Yet they are very special and rare to us…

So an IPhone and some camping gear, universe, for a cosmic vision tapestry and possibly some beautiful local art and native stones…. Thank you……

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