the eyes of the people

there is a fleece, a thin film
once removed △ clear sight

the film: believe there is
a “the way things are”

this: proposed on every media main-stream
fishes swimming, hooked in “the dream”

yet Step Outside, True Reality
Seeing Things As They Are

Mama Earth’s got us a New Old Vision
Of Abundance, not tied to the health of
the wall street economy

Tied to the Health of the Soil in combination with
Seed, Air, Water, Sun

be care-full people, the media boosting
“a way things are”

Built up on “the economy” built up on
the current power of “the money”

Pull the fleece off!

See! We are Here! We Eat
We Dance We Sing We Be

and, this has everything & nothing to do
with “the money” ….

we can make our own economy
we can make our own economy

there is no “the way things are”

except “the way things are”
that we endorse, that we supply

Our Hands the basic tools
which verify “the way things are”

Our choices the building blocks
of “the way things are”

Remember, We are the Way
We are the Ones

Supporting the system that Runs
Without Us, there are no People

We the People Who Dance Who Run
Who Play …. Are the Hands that Can

Create a new old “the way things are”


we are “the way things are” ~ we feed the systems that live ~ we decide with our every choice which “the way things are” we endorse

It is in our hands ~ Take  Stand! ~ with your choice Demand ~ “the way things are”

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