For years I have talked of “homesteading”. It has been an illusory thing in the future. Well, I come to write tonight to say that the time has come, the time is Now to fully devote myself to this dream vision many years and countless hours, skill amalgamations, conversations, etc later…

I find that dedication to this dream takes every ounce of creativity, confidence and faith I have. It’s not enough to let it live forever in my head as a potential. It’s not enough to say that one day I will do this. Now is the time. Now is the time! I have gone through many feelings of fear – a step this big feels scary!! – of the unknown, of the possibilities, of the struggle/challenge/etc etc etc (you know how fear can be!), but after engaging with Ini in a Full Moon Heart Council where we each share from our hearts while holding a talking piece after setting an intention into the circle… I feel much more clear, centered, and placed in Higher Awareness. A lot of the fear has passed through and what I feel now is tremendous hope, endurance, creativity, passion ~ and I trust these to carry me onward.

It also seems everything has collected into the center. It’s possible to live life in a scattered fashion, nearly outside of oneself. Truly, in this, I take steps with all of me there. My attention isn’t elsewhere. I’m not waiting for something in the future. I don’t have any secret dreams and ambitions. Sounds like a good recipe to me. All here! How blessed! May my life be broken open.

I/We’ve talked about it for quite some time now, and now it’s time to set off into it. Homesteading! Whew! Here we come <3

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