From hither and tither to Misses and Misters

I send out a call in shouts, sing-songs and whispers

An invitation of sorts, extended to all

No one excluded, no one too small

Too round or too flat, too short or too tall

Open to all this most special of places

All faces, all races, all colors and creeds

To get there of course there’s nothing you need

Except the desire and willingness to proceed

For this place that I speak of lives inside everyone

Each father and mother, each daughter, each son

A place to enjoy at play or at rest

A place to create, a place to express

A place that is sacred, a place that is blessed

Each unique to the person, no two the same

Some visit here often, and call it by name

Imaginariuma title of critical acclaim


In the imaginarium, you’re always in charge

No thoughts unthinkable, no dream is too large

No one to say NO or what is untrue

For everything in  the imaginarium is all up to you!

You can dream a new world, or sing your heart’s song

No visit too short, no vision too long

No item too heavy to carry along

Impermanent yes, but never quite gone

From darkness to light, from dusk until dawn

You’re center stage, it’s your time to shine

In a space without time, peaceful and divine

To empty and fill, to seek and to find

Maintaining balance and being aligned

Seeking the union of spirit, body and mind

By dreaming the dream and making it so

Allowing creation to endlessly flow

Into imaginarium, allowing it to grow

Growth and decay, change come and change go


Imaginarium is whatever spirit manifests

Open to the flow in the ways life is blessed

Stepping aside, along for the ride- full stride

Fully aligned in tune with divine

Imaginarium encompassing all

Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissfully all

What you create is what you live out

Live in the loving embrace without doubts

To fully dive into the ocean of love

To infinity and beyond, unlimited potential

Limits and barriers are simply inconsequential




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