To whatever question or conundrum is posed, there is probably a radically simple answer; an answer in the root of the query. Cultural assumptions aside, radical sprouts from the latin radix, root. There are so many “right ways”, “best options”, and alternative to the current unhealthy paradigm we are playing out as humans on this Earth, it becomes difficult to find personal truth amongst it all. We praise the experts and trust in those who have confidence, but where do we find the answers for ourselves?

The answer is in the roots, they speak of the beginning and support. In a health-conscious world, we have people discounting one practice, promoting another, selling this product and preaching the dangers of another. Who are we to believe? Our roots, our ancestors, our Mother Earth. We are creature in the throws of evolution and are constantly adapting to our circumstance and environment, and we must remember the changes from hunter/ gatherer to agriculturist did not happen over night. Any authoritarian claim or heroic measures must be taken with a grain of salt (this may be an issue for those who eschew sodium).

I feel inherent in our unique genetic and biochemical makeup(s) is diversity and spectrum of needs and characteristics. There is nothing that suits us all best, for we are unique blessed creatures with stories in our cells from individual circumstances.  The essence of the the current health movement can be seen as an attempt to return or ascend to some great level of vitality by avoiding or including certain foods, practices or cultures. This is truly found by returning to and understanding our roots. We are children of the Earth, we all have innate gifts and needs, and they are all manifest in a rainbow of expressions. 

While some prize the paleolithic diet- mimicking our ancestor heavy on the meat & light on grains- is our truest expression, others claim that in only consuming living, raw plants and algae, the body will be pure and in a more spiritually-realized state. Others still insist on brown rice being the perfect food to balance us, while some run from the high glycemic index of grains. There is simply too much to weigh and consider and too many opinions and theory! Without the long term empirical evidence, who can stand behind these claims with scientific proof? One things is certain though, we are not the healthiest species we could be.

By returning to our ancestral roots, connecting to the Earth and being indigenous (of a place) we are able to more know our roots and realize health, which can be seen as a knowing of self and balance in the world. The famous dentist Weston A. Price studied numerous indigenous cultures and came to striking conclusions of oral hygiene. In essence, the various diets and lifestyles of the peoples he studied were based on rootedness to a place and those that followed the traditional diets showed negligible sign of the modern industrial affliction that show up in our teeth. These people were eating in line with their traditions, their home and heritage, and no two cultures shared identical diets, but across the board they were healthy specimens.

What does this mean for us as global internet researchers? Not every youtube video is based on scientific data, not every blog post or claim is substantiated, and not anyone other than yourself knows what’s best for you. There IS a lot of groundbreaking and inspiring work being done in the field of integrated medicine and preventative healthcare, AND the answers are in the roots. What Russian folk lore has be saying about chaga’s (aka inonotus obliquus or “the king of herbs”) use as a strategy against cancer has been proven by dedicated scientific research. The superfoods of today’s acclaim are mostly ancient plants that have fallen out of favour and been rediscovered and marketed on a global scale. The task for us now is to be discerning and make the choices that suit our bodies, our lifestyle and our ethics the best, not to surrender to a guru who has the magic potion for health.

The one-pill-cure-all mentality is what got us into many of the unhealthy patterns today, so why should it be any different when it comes to natural health? Inside each one of us are 3 neurological centers; our brain, our heart and our gut. Within this system we are unique and capable of enormous adaptability, in a constant torrent of change in a magical balancing act of biochemistry. There are as many right ways as there are people. The roots we all share lie in the Earth below our feet, and the wisdom is in the plants, fungi, algae, animal, bacteria and other beings that spring forth. The answer to our questions in search of health reside in the roots, the beginnings, the radicle: the part of the seed that emerges first upon germination to seek water and connect with its new home.

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2 thoughts on “Radically Simple Health, Literally!

  • April 25, 2014 at 2:11 am

    Dear Wren,

    Nicely said – Our roots, our ancestors, our Mother Earth !
    By returning to our ancestral roots, connecting to the Earth and being indigenous (of a place) we are able to more know our roots and realize health, which can be seen as a knowing of self and balance in the world.

    Not sure if you have heard of Ayurveda. I am a practicing Ayurveda Physician and have been keen on developing integrated medicine and preventive healthcare approaches to address my patients needs.

    Dr. Chetali Samant

    • April 25, 2014 at 12:32 pm

      Hi Dr. Chetali Samant,
      Thanks for stopping by the site. This post was actually written by my partner Ini. We both write here. I do share the views he represented in this article tho! And I have heard of Ayurveda. I look through the lens of the gunas actually when thinking of food choices. I also admire Ayurvedic herb wisdom and draw from it. I checked out your site, too, and appreciate that you share some of your perspective from Ayurveda, your experience with patients, your research there. Many blessings, Wren


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